Fake IDs/Underage Drinking

Fake IDs / Underage Drinking

At the Law Offices of Banks Huntley, we take the extra steps to protect the futures of our underage clients.  We understand that young people make mistakes but these early mistakes can have serious ramifications down the road.  We will fight diligently to protect the records of our underage clients and to give them a second chance.  If you, or your child has been charged with an underage offense call our office today at (704) 910-6278 for a FREE Confidential Consultation.

The Law Offices of Banks Huntley represents underage clients for any of the following charges:

Mandatory Loss of Driver’s License for Fake ID Conviction

A conviction in a fake ID case will result in a mandatory loss of your driver’s license, without the ability to get any type of limited driving privilege.  Protecting your right to drive is just as important to us as keeping your record clean of criminal convictions.  Put our experience to work for you to help ensure that your driving privileges are protected.

Mr. Huntley is a former North Carolina State Prosecutor and an experienced criminal defense attorney who personally handles each case.  As a prosecutor Mr. Huntley has tried everything from a speeding ticket to a first-degree murder case. He is able to view a case from both sides of the fence and knows when to mount an aggressive defense or strike a deal with the prosecution.  As both a prosecutor and defense attorney, Mr. Huntley has handled hundreds of cases involving underage drinking and fake IDs.  Hiring an attorney to represent you against criminal charges will be one of the most important choices that you will make; be sure to pick an attorney who is battle tested and will fight aggressively to ensure a favorable outcome in you case.

Many of the people who contact us about the criminal defense of underage defendants are their parents.  We understand that worried parents are often in the difficult position of wanting to discipline their child and wanting to avoid the affect a criminal conviction could have on their child’s future.  We will make sure that both you and your child understand all of the options that may be available in the case.

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Make an investment in your future and contact the Law Offices of Banks Huntley.  While we can never promise a specific outcome in your fake ID or underage drinking case, we can promise that with attorney Banks Huntley on your side, you will have a lawyer who is determined to do everything he can to protect your criminal record and driving privileges.  Call today for a FREE Confidential Consultation at (704) 910-6278.

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