Effect of Traffic Ticket on Driving Points

Effect of Traffic Ticket on Driving Points

Most traffic & speeding violations in North Carolina carry the penalty of driver’s license points, which are administered and tracked by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV). The NCDMV will assign points for convictions of North Carolina’s Motor Vehicle Laws in accordance with the schedule below. If you accumulate 12 or more points within a three-year period, the NCDMV may suspend your license. The first suspension of your driver’s license under the point system shall be for no more than 60 days. The second suspension shall not exceed six months and any subsequent suspension shall not exceed one year. If you are in danger of losing your license because you have accumulated too many driver’s license points, you should contact the Law Offices of Banks Huntley and find out how we can help protect your driver license. (704) 910-6278

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