Passing Stopped School Bus

Passing Stopped School Bus

Receiving a traffic ticket for failure to stop for a stopped school bus can be a huge inconvenience in your life but if handled improperly, a traffic ticket can lead to serious legal and financial consequences down the road.  Most motorists are under the belief that they do not need an attorney to handle their traffic ticket and in a limited number of instances they are correct.  However, in most situations a consultation with an attorney will keep more points off driving record and keep your insurance premiums lower than if you handled the ticket yourself.  Contact the Law Offices of Banks Huntley at (704) 910-6278, to find out how you can keep your driving record clean and more money in your wallet.

One of the most serious traffic tickets a person can receive in North Carolina is a ticket for failure to stop for a stopped school bus. This offense is a class 1 misdemeanor, carries 5 driver’s license points, and can carry an active sentence of up to 120 days in prison.   There is also a felony version of this offense that occurs as a result of someone getting injured when the motorist passes the stopped school bus. This is one of the few offenses where the law dictates that a person can’t receive a PJC.

Often times this offense is not committed intentionally by the motorist but occurs due to a misunderstanding of the law or the drivers failure to pay attention while driving.  This offense is committed when a motorist fails to stop for a school bus that is displaying its mechanical stop signal or flashing red lights and is stopped for the purpose of receiving or discharging passengers.  A motorist must bring the vehicle to a full stop and remain stopped until the mechanical stop signal has been withdrawn, the flashing red stoplights have been turned off, and the bus has started moving.  The law applies to vehicles traveling in either direction of the stopped school bus.  Due to the serious nature of this offense, many prosecutors are reluctant to reduce this charge to a lesser offense and this matter can usually only be resolved by trial.  These cases are very fact specific and technical but they are winnable cases, if you have the right attorney.

Mr. Huntley is in traffic court on a daily basis and has developed an outstanding relationship among prosecutors, judges, and fellow attorneys.  Mr. Huntley is a former North Carolina State Prosecutor and is able to look at your case from both sides of the fence.  He personally handles each case and will work with prosecutors to get your traffic matter dismissed or plead down to a lesser offense.  Often times Mr. Huntley can appear in court on your behalf so that you can avoid the long lines and drawn out process of traffic court. Mr. Huntley will attend to your case in an expeditious manner and will notify you of the disposition of your case once it has been handled. The Law Offices of Banks Huntley will be able to save you time and money.

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At the Law Offices of Banks Huntley, we offer a FREE Confidential Consultation with an experienced traffic ticket attorney at an affordable price.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with you in person or over the phone to discuss your traffic matter and give you advice that will be tailored to your particular situation.  Contact our firm today at (704) 910-6278, to keep your driving record clean and more money in your wallet.

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