What is a PJC

What Is A PJC

A Prayer For Judgment Continued (PJC) is a plea many drivers use to dispose of their traffic tickets.  Many drivers are under the misconception that a PJC will be their best option whenever they get a traffic ticket but a PJC is not a one size fits all remedy.  Many divers do not fully understand what a PJC is or the implications such a plea can have on their driver license or insurance premiums.  Contact the Law Offices of Banks Huntley, and let us help you determine if a PJC will be the best outcome for your particular situation.

A PJC is remedy that is unique to the North Carolina legal system.  A PJC is a guilty plea where no judgment is entered against the driver and they are only required to pay the court costs.  Only a judge can grant a PJC and it is in their complete discretion whether to grant one.  In some situations a PJC will not be considered a conviction by the DMV or your insurance company, thus no points will be assessed against your driver license and your insurance premium will not be effected.  The North Carolina DMV and your insurance company limit the number of PJCs that a driver can receive before it will effect their driving or insurance points.  The North Carolina statutes dictate that there are certain offenses that a judge is not authorized to enter a PJC for.

To get a better understanding of PJCs and to determine if one is going to be the best fit for your particular situation, contact the Law Offices of Banks Huntley  for a Free Confidential Consultation at (704) 910-6278.  Let us help put money back in your wallet and keep points off your driving record.

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