Ignition Interlock Device

Ignition Interlock Device

In instances of a DWI/DUI conviction involving a blood alcohol concentration (B.A.C.) of .15 or higher or with a conditional restoration following multiple convictions, an ignition interlock device must be placed on your car’s ignition.  Prior to starting the vehicle, the offender is required to submit a breath sample into the device. If the device detects a B.A.C. that is higher than a pre-set limit, the vehicle will not start. While the offender is driving the vehicle, the device alerts the offender to submit breath samples at random times during the drive. If the offender fails to submit a sample or if the random test results in a B.A.C. that is higher than the limit, the device activates the vehicle’s horn and flashes the lights. In order to deactivate the horn and lights, the offender must turn off the vehicle or submit a clean breath sample. Contact the Law Offices of Banks Huntley to determine if you will need an ignition interlock device and how we can help fight your DWI/DUI. (704) 910-6278

The ignition interlock requirement begins after the offender serves a mandatory period of driving privilege revocation. The ignition interlock requirement is determined by the court based on the circumstances of the DWI-related conviction and any prior DWI-related convictions of the offender. The ignition interlock must be installed on any and all vehicles owned by the offender. If one or more vehicles owned by the offender are used by a family member for transportation, the court may allow an exception to the ignition interlock requirement. In these cases, the offender is not required to install ignition interlocks in the vehicles used by the family member. The offender must not operate the vehicles that are not ignition interlock equipped. The offender is responsible for any and all costs associated with the ignition interlock device. Costs include the purchase of the ignition interlock device, monthly lease payments, service fees, maintenance, and monitoring fees.

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If you hire an experienced DWI/DUI attorney, you can avoid a conviction and the ignition interlock device. Banks Huntley has years of experience with DWI/DUI charges and his practice is devoted strictly to criminal defense.  Mr. Huntley is in court on a daily basis helping clients fight their DWI/DUI charges and he is good at it.  Mr. Huntley is a former North Carolina State Prosecutor who has prosecuted hundreds of DWIs in district and superior court.  With his understanding of how the state is going to prosecute your case, he can provide a comprehensive and thorough defense.  Almost every DWI/DUI has holes in the case; Mr. Huntley will be able to find those holes and use them to your advantage. When so much is on the line you need an attorney who has been to battle before and knows how to obtain a favorable verdict for his client.   Contact the Law Offices of Banks Huntley for a FREE Confidential Consultation with an experienced DWI/DUI attorney at (704) 910-6278.

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